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Division 56 : Food and beverage service activities
561  Restaurants and mobile food service activities
 5610 Restaurants and mobile food service activities
   This class excludes:
   - concession operation of eating facilities, see 5629
  56101Restaurants without bars
  56102Cafeterias, fast-food restaurants and other food preparation in market stalls
  56103 Ice cream mobile vendors, mobile food carts
  56104Restaurant and bar activities connected to transportation, when carried out by separate units
562  Event catering and other food service activities
 5621 Event catering
   This class includes food services based on contractual arrangements with the customer, at the location specified by the customer, for a specific event
  56210Event catering
 5629 Other food service activities
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of perishable food items for resale, see 1079
   - retail sale of perishable food items, see division 47
  56291Activities of food service contractors (e.g. for transportation companies)
  56292Operation of canteens or (e.g. for factories, offices, hospitals or schools) on a concession basis
563  Beverage serving activities
 5630 Beverage serving activities
   This class excludes:
   - reselling packaged/prepared beverages, see 4711, 4722, 4781, 4799
   - operation of discotheques and dance floors without beverage serving, see D289329
  56301Bars and Restaurants with bars
  56302Tea/coffee shops
  56303Fruit juice bars
  56304Mobile beverage vendors
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